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BB5 Easy Service Tool


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BEST v1.95
- USB Flashing improved
NXP : Improved and Revised model detection (Dead mode)

- Service operations improved
MTKx : Improved support of latest FW's in service mode
MTKx : Improved Counter Reset
NXP : Improved security backup (XNP2.0)

- UserData operations improved
NXP : Improved PhoneBook Operations (NXP1.x / NXP2.x)
MTKx : Improved Safe UserCode Reset
S40 : Improved PhoneBook extraction from some BB5 models (Direct and from Dump)

- NaviManager Database updated
All Latest WP8x, Asha, MTKx, NXP firmwares included
New Products added :
RM-1061 : Nokia XL [LTE] (NXP 2.0)

- Other
WP7x PhoneBook Extraction service fully restored
Ini updated and revised
X2 drivers for WinXP uploaded on support
Some bugfixes and improvements

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