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3.42 -> 4.09

Call and network management:
Single connection tone during MO call

GPRS/PDP Context indicator
GPRS PDP context performance improved in cell reselection

Special characters encoded in Unicode instead of ASCII
Czech special signs
SMS sending via GPRS
SMS reading form SIM card

Presentation improvements for messages sent from other vendor terminals (messages sent from e.g. GX10i, T68i, GD-87, myX-6, P900)
Forwarding MMS when using content id’s in SMIL
Improved MMS ACK response handling

SMTP AUTH over TLS/SSL feature is supported
Improvements email sent using POP3

Xhtml content is optimised with small screen
Improvements to handling Chinese contents
Increased URL maximum length
Interoperability with servers improved
Improvements in form handling
Resume browsing after received MMS
Browser input field "Go to web address" with special character
SIS file download
Options in the browser are grouped under submenus
Improvements for browser stability

Support for multiple VOPs per RTP packet
Streaming performance improvements
MA Client Provisioning:
SMTP AUTH over a TLS/SSL feature is supported
Improvements email sent using POP3

Certificated Java installation
Support midlets with Chinese characters in the JAD
Java download handling improved

SAT refresh functionality improvements
Dual-line SIM card
Enter MSTK menu after call attempt when FDN on
Voicemail spool fix
Voice commands

Improvements for IRDA connection

Arabic and Hebrew variants available
To: field default mode changed to numeric in SMS and MMS
Improvements to Phonebook entry handling
Operator menu-feature introduced
Binary compatibility break in HTTP framework removed (enables 3rd party applications (developed with SDK2.0) using HTTP via proxy to work)
User memory area (C drive) corrupting itself sometimes after format (2nd boot: "Contact retailer") fixed
The Browser Application name and Help text update in Swedish and Ukrainian languages
IMEI SV number changed to "06"

4.09 -> 5.27 (24.09.04)
User Agent added to Http Post command
URL encoding in GET JAR disabled
Java application download to MMC
DRM files visible in application manager
Improvements in java downloading through WAP
Improvements in COD and DRM downloading

Cookie load/unload case in browser UI corrected
Corrections in browser to present operator wap pages correctly
Application stability improved when starting streaming via browser
Support for php link

WBMP supported in MMS
MMS presentation improvements
MMS forward with SMIL presentation
Animated GIF
Two slide MMS with image and video clip
Jpeg support in email
RFM ringing tones added to the list of not forwardable ringing tones
SMS case in Chinese variant corrected
Interoperability improvements with PDA devices
Security improvements against hackers in SDP services
Stability with carkit connection improved

HTTP transmission optimisation

Streaming connection handling improvements

Ringtones and warning tones routed to both Bluetooth accessories and intergraded hands-free in terminal side
Ringing tone improvements when using HDB-5 and HS-3W headsets

Video Recorder default file name changed to English in Arabic and Hebrew variants
Automatic language feature support more languages
Camera help text updated in Chinese variants
Speed of opening phonebook application improved when phonebook contains lot of entries
Speed of opening calender application is improved when calender contains a lot of notes
Power consumption decreased when terminal is in screen saver mode
Power consumption decreased when bluetooth accessory connected
Ringtone loudness increased when vibra is on to the same level than when vibra is off
RMF format added to Closed Content List

5.27 -> 5.53 (27.04.05)
Java installation notification with Ericsson gateway improved
Bluetooth connection with PC Suite improved
Operator name list updated


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#4   Rumata13    

Кому надо тот поймет, сами бы перевели и выложили. Автор, за статью спасибо!

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#4   megion22    

можно было перевести! Не так уж это и трудно.

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#4   ladykiller    

2 Megion22 Ну да. Заодно и язык программирования надо придумать-Русский.
За статью спасибо! Хочется поинтересоваться, откуда эти данные и каким числом датированные?

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#4   megion22    

в баню нафиг за такую статью. но русски надо писать!

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