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BB5 Easy Service Tool


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BEST v1.20

- USB flashing improved
Loaders updated to v 11.10.0
MassMemory flashing improved
Added more hints and info
Some bugfixes and improvements at all
- JAF support improved
Added DCT4+ support
Added some service operations (DCT4/BB5)
AutoDetect phone
PM read/SelfTest/FactorySets/Read info
Added afterflash operations
Some bugfixes
- UFS support improved
Improved stability on service operations
Some bugfixes
- Service operations improved
Improved RPL operations (USB/FBUS)
Updated ccc/hwc,tune,camconf base
Some bugfixes
- Some GUI changes
- Server operations improved
New version must be used for upload jobs and other operations
Added support for upload job to server from *.bat file for ighashgpu
Added save *.bat file for oclHashcat format for LBF
- ini updated

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